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Measurement kit for ships / marine use, voltmeter including measuring cords and Ag/AgCl reference

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Product Description

On-Off-Sure (O-O-S) Corrosion Detection Instrument: Early Detection for Optimal Marine Protection

The On-Off-Sure (O-O-S) instrument is essential for early corrosion detection. This measurement kit allows you to conduct potential measurements on all steel objects in water, determining whether they are corroding/rusting or not. The results are clear and definitive.

Ensure Your Marine Assets are Protected

If you are uncertain about the adequacy of corrosion protection on your boat or other marine areas, conducting a corrosion measurement is advisable.

Prevent Galvanic Corrosion and Detect Stray Currents

Our measurement kit is also highly effective in preventing galvanic corrosion and detecting stray currents, both critical for extending the lifespan of marine assets. If you are unsure, you can always contact our experts in corrosion protection and measurement.

Applications and Users:

  • Marine Applications
  • Ships
  • Ports
  • Diving Operations
  • Consultants
  • Project Planners

What Does Our Measurement Kit Include?

  • High-quality marine-grade carrying case
  • Electrode for potential measurement in seawater (10M cable)
  • Multimeter for potential measurement
  • Instruction manual with a potential table for easy result reading
  • 5 service books for documentation for ship owners

Comprehensive Corrosion Detection

To prevent issues such as galvanic corrosion and stray currents, our O-O-S measurement kit can detect any form of corrosion. It is effective in saltwater, brackish water, and freshwater, making it an indispensable tool for the protection and maintenance of marine assets.

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Protect your investments from corrosion with this measurement kit, check the product description for more information.

Instruction (measurement of voltage & direct current)

Instruction (measurement of voltage & direct current)

  1. Connect the Ag/AgCl-electrode to the voltmeter (to the negative pole). The cable connected to the protective object (Hull, Pillars, Sheet piling, etc.), connect this to the positive pole. 
  2. Switch on the voltmeter to mV/DC and lower down the electrode into the water to measure the voltage (potential). PLEASE REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE CAP ON THE ELECTRODE. 
  3. Measure on the same depth around the object (e.g., a boat: Bow, starboard and port sides, stern, rudder etc.)
  4. If shore-side electricity is present, record measurements in two rounds. 1 with power on and 1 with power off. This is to record potential impact from shore-side electricity supply. 
  5. In case of doubtful readings, check the following:
  • That batteries in the voltmeter are operational.
  •  Ensure that the positive pole has adequate metallic contact to the protective object.
  • Double check that you have connected the cables correctly.
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